Acoustics in the News and Media

Many don’t realize it, but acoustics take place in many different parts of our lives. Below are some featured articles and news segments of acoustics being applied and researched in many different ways.

Acoustics Today Magazine: Acoustics Today is a biannual magazine that features news articles on what’s happening in acoustics around the world.

Acoustics Today Summer 2016 Issue

Acoustics Today Winter 2015 Issue cover


Croatia’s Sea Organ: The world’s only organ powered by the waves of the sea. Located on the shores of Zadar, Croatia.

Research on Acoustic Loads on Rocket Nozzles: Dr. Charles Tinney at the University of Texas Austin aims to prevent catastrophes


The Sonic Bed: Experience Music through your entire body while laying in the Sonic Bed

CYMATICS Science v. Music: a music video featuring acoustical phenomena

The Hook-Superfly: Developing microphone technology by mimicking a fly’s hearing organ

CNN Interview with Dr. Andy Hildebrand Inventor of Auto-tune: Little know that the now infamous software in the music industry was originally used to detect oil drilling sites underground and in the ocean.

Animagraffs-How Speakers Make Sound: A descriptive animation on how speakers generate sound