General Theory of Acoustic Horns

date February 6, 1985
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Wednesday, February 6, 1985 12:00 p.m.

James McClean
Department of Electrical Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

In 1951, Dr. A. F. Stevenson published a landmark paper in which he put forth a general theory of electromagnetic wave propagation in horns. He also published a companion paper in which he briefly outlined how this theory might be applied to acoustic horns. However, this paper was not nearly as widely read.

This seminar consists of a presentation of Stevenson’s theory as it applies to the acoustic horn. This theory predicts a system of coupled modes which can be exactly described by an infinite set of linear differential equations. Approximations to the exact theory and the consequent errors will be discussed. Finally, it will be shown that if coupling is neglected and only the lowest order mode is considered the exact theory simplifies to the well known Webster equation.