A Technique to Calculate Parametric Beam Patterns

date April 23, 1986
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Wednesday, April 23, 1986 4:00 p.m.

John Sample
Applied Research Laboratories
The University of Texas at Austin

Since it is relatively easy to integrate gaussian functions, it is tempting in certain cases to model complex sound sources as a superposition of gaussian functions. One such case is in the calculation of the parametric radiation associated with a noise source with a high-frequency pump mounted on it.

During the past summer Drs. Hamilton, Naze Tjøtta, and Tjøtta solved this case analytically for the paraxial region of a gaussian source with a gaussian pump. Their solution may be used to find the parametric radiation for more complicated sound sources (e.g., a piston) by modeling the source as a superposition of gaussian functions. The parametric radiation associated with each is calculated separately and superposed.

In this seminar four gaussian superposition models for a piston are compared by examining their near and farfield beam patterns. Preliminary results of the parametric radiation beam pattern are also given.