Design and Construction of Acoustic Test Chambers

date November 7, 2014
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Friday, November 7, 2014 4:00 p.m. ETC 4.150

Dr. Douglas F. Winker
Cedar Park, Texas

ETS-Lindgren manufactures acoustic test chambers for a wide variety of clients and applications. This presentation will discuss case studies of test and measurement solutions. The design and construction of ETS-Lindgren’s acoustic lab facility in Cedar Park, Texas will be discussed in detail. ETS-Lindgren’s lab consists of a hemi-anechoic chamber and a reverberation chamber suite. The hemi-anechoic chamber was designed to obtain a noise floor of <0 dBA at frequencies above 100 Hz. Another design goal was a 2 m radius free field above 80 Hz that is compliant with ISO 3745. It features a 200 m3 volume inside the wedges. To achieve the design goals, several aspects were considered including ambient levels, vibration isolation, HVAC noise, free field performance, and future development in the area. The design solutions for each of these areas will be presented. The reverberation chamber suite consists of two reverberation chambers designed to perform transmission loss tests and sound absorption testing. The source chamber has an internal volume of 214 m3 and the receive room has an internal volume of 418 m3. Design considerations will be discussed including vibration isolation, wall panel design, and diffuser placement. Additionally, the design and construction of the transmission loss coupling will be addressed.