ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Research Laboratory and Factory Tour

date December 8, 2012
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Saturday, December 8, 2012 1:00 p.m. at ETS-Lindgren

Dr. Douglas F. Winker
1301 Arrow Point Drive
Cedar Park, Texas

In 2002, ETS-Lindgren acquired Acoustic Systems of Austin, Texas, and in doing so, expanded their test and measurement capabilities to include the Acoustic Systems Acoustical Research Facility on Saint Elmo Road in South Austin. The latter had existed to serve outside clients and as a research and development branch for Acoustic Systems for most of its 30-year history. In 2008, the acoustic testing facility in South Austin was closed and the existing ETS-Lindgren Test and Measurement facilities in Cedar Park were expanded to include new world-class acoustic test chambers. Testing equipment, procedures, software, and quality systems of the old laboratory were all upgraded and implemented at the new Acoustic Research Laboratory. Reaccreditation in all test methods was completed in October 2008. The facility includes several state-of-the-art chambers for acoustic test services, including a hemi-anechoic chamber and two reverberation chambers, impedance tubes and supporting acoustic test equipment and software. The laboratory offers product noise emission testing and structural/architectural acoustic testing. See one of the attachments to this announcement for technical information on the facilities.

The tour is expected to last approximately two hours. Meet at the entrance to ETS-Lindgren on the south side of the building at the address provided above. Preceding the tour, starting at 12:30 p.m., there will be an Amy’s Ice Creams social sponsored by the Austin Student Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America. All are invited. If you need a ride, contact Mustafa Abbassi (, who is organizing a carpool that will depart from the loading dock behind ETC at noon. Also contact Mustafa if you cannot get to ETC on Saturday and need to be picked up.