Applied Research Laboratories


Dr. Preston Wilson working with a student on a project at Applied Research Laboratories.

The Applied Research Laboratories of The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT) is a research unit that has been associated with the university since 1945.  Spun off from the WW II Harvard Underwater Sound Laboratory (1941-1949) and founded as the Defense Research Laboratory, ARL is a University Affiliated Research Centers formally recognized by the US Navy for their prominence in underwater acoustics research and development. ARL:UT has been engaged in sponsored research dedicated to improving our nation’s military capability in applications of acoustics, electromagnetics, and information sciences. As an organized research unit reporting to the University, ARL:UT supports the three traditional roles of a major university: research, education, and public service. In addition to underwater acoustics, graduate students and research scientists work at ARL:UT in areas such as industrial acoustics, engineering acoustics, biomedical acoustics, and fire acoustics.

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